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A Brief History Of The Chelsea Football Club And Its Managers

Chelsea is one of the oldest football clubs in Europe. It has become famous thanks to the major achievements of its team. The club had 26 managers, the first one being John Robertson. He was appointed in 1905. The manager who had the longest service was David Calderhead. He was Chelsea’s manager between 1907 and 1933. Chelsea played 966 matches during his service. On the contrary, Ron Stuart, who was manager during the 1974-1975 season had the shortest service in the history of the club, with only 31 matches in charge.

The greatest success was scored by Chelsea under the management of Roberto Di Matteo. He is the only manager who managed to win the UEFA Champions League in 2012. Many other managers won trophies for the club, but none as important as this one. However, it is worth mentioning Gianluca Vialli, Carlo Ancelotti, Tommy Docherty, Ruud Gullit and Rafael Benitez, as all of them brought their contribution to the success of the Chelsea team in various prestigious competitions.

Chelsea managed to win the FA Cup more than once, under different managers. Their first trophy in this competition was won in 1970, during the management of Dave Sexton. Gianluca Vialli managed the performance of winning again this cup in 2000, followed by Jose Mourinho in 2007, by Guus Hiddink in 2009, by Carlo Ancelotti in 2010 and by Roberto Di Matteo in 2012.

Currently, the Chesela Football Club is under the management of the Portuguese Jose Mourinho, who helped his team win 62% of all matches they played.

Adolor Uwamu commented that Chelsea is a very strong football club, with an impressive history. Many players became famous while being part of this team. Chelsea is the only British club that managed to win all three major club competitions organized by UEFA.

The Chelsea Football Club: One Of The Best & Most Respected Clubs Worldwide

The Chelsea football club has an illustrious history that dates back many decades. In this article we will be looking at a few of these historical facts and reasons why Chelsea has become a giant in the field of football. This club was established in the 1900’s and its name is always on the list of the top 4 clubs in the English Premier League. A few other similar teams include Liverpool, Arsenal FC and Manchester United.

Chelsea FC is affectionately known as “the blues” by fans all over the world due to the fact that they have won countless trophies and titles over the years. They’ve faced top clubs such as FC Barcelona, AC Milan, Real Madrid etc. We will now look at a few of Chelsea’s achievements.

1. They have the record for the highest total points for a league season as well as the lowest conceded goals during a league season.

2. The longest winning streak at home, winning 86 matches from the 20th March, 2004 to 26th October, 2008.

3. They have the record for the highest home attendance match which happened on 2nd October, 1935 against Arsenal where they had an attendance of a whopping 82,905 people!

4. They became the first team to win the FA Cup at the new Wembley Stadium on the 19th May, 2007.

The Chelsea FC is also known to recruit the best players from all around the globe using its extensive budget. In fact, they became the first British football team to have a field of players that are all completely foreign. This first happened at the game against Southampton in December, 1999 (a Premier League match).

In closing, the Chelsea football team has quite the history and they undoubtedly have a very bright future ahead of them. We look forward to seeing what new victories lie ahead!

Chelsea News: 2 Stories That Have Everyone Talking

If you’re a fan of Chelsea footballers, you know there is always news happening that you need to know about. Here are some of the most current news stories out there about the Chelsea Football club.

Labour Promises a Seat on Chelsea’s Board

In a stunning move, the Labour Party has decided that if they regain power in Parliament, they will draft legislation to give fans a spot on the board of every English football club, including Chelsea. Even Miliband, the leader of the party supports this measure. Should Labour win, football clubs will have to open a space on their board for regular supporters and fans.

Not only that, but if the club is ever up for sale, the owners would have to offer supporters shares of the club as well.

This is sure to be a hugely popular idea, but will it sway the vote Labour’s way? That remains to be seen.

Diego Costa: Injured or Not?

Diego Costa has had a lot of health and injury worries that affect whether he plays with the team. As recently as October 26, 2014, fans were waiting to see if he’d be able to start in the game later in the game. The Saturday before, all eyes were on Costa during the training session, to see if he could start on Sunday’s game.

It seems he will be able to continue playing, but every Chelsea fan is still concerned about his ability to play in the future. He is working hard, though, and wants to jump onto the field. If he doesn’t do well enough in practices, of course, Chelsea has plenty of other great players.

There is always news happening with your favorite team, so be sure and check back so you know the lastest news about Chelsea.

Chelsea Football Club and Fixtures

Chelsea Football Club (Chelsea F.C.) is based in Fulham London, in the United Kingdom. It is an English football club which is extremely popular in London. The club was founded in 1905 and is involved in the Premier League. They have been among the top football clubs in England for the best part of their history. The 41,837-seat Stamford Bridge stadium is the home ground of the club since its establishment. The club had its major success in 1955 by winning the League Championship. Chelsea F.C. has also won many other club championships during the periods of 1960s, 70s, 90s and 2000s. This article will provide an overview of the Chelsea club.

The club enjoyed some of their best successes during the past two to three decades. It has won 15 major trophies since the year of 1997. Chelsea won seven FA Cups, four FA Community Shields, four League Titles and four League Cups during this season. The official attire of the club is the royal blue shorts, shirts and socks. The club has been able to attract a large crowd of football lovers for most of their match fixtures. The club has been owned by a Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich since of July 2003. The club was ranked as the 7th most valuable football club in the world by the Forbes Magazine. The value of the club was at $901 million during the financial year of 2013.

There are many fixtures for the club scheduled for October and November 2014. Manchester United and Chelsea meets on October 26th while Shrewsbury Town and Chelsea meets on October 28th. Another fixture on November 1st is the match between Chelsea ans Queens Park Rangers.

The aforementioned information will provide a comprehensive overview about the ever popular football club Chelsea Football Club (Chelsea F.C.) in London, United Kingdom.

Changes to the Chelsea Squad in the 2014-2015 Season

Chelsea has another strong team playing for them this year. For the team playing at Stamford Bridge, it’s important that they have both seasoned players and new players on the squad to shake things up a bit–and this season, they’re primed to dominate football. Here are some of the important Chelsea squad happenings this season.

Number Changes

Six players are changing the number they wear on their t-shirts They are:

–Didier Drogba, changing to #11
–Oscar Dos Santos Emboaba Júnior #8
–Thibaut Courtois, changing to #13
–Victor Moses, changing to #18
–Nathan Ake, changing to #6

If you have already bought merchandise with incorrect number assignments, Chelsea will gladly allow you to make an exchange on non-gamedays.

New Players in the 2014-2015 Season

Chelsea has brought in 10 new contract players, with contracts ranging from a year to five years. It is too soon to tell how the season will play out with these new players, but so far Chelsea has won the majority of their games this season.

Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costas are two players who have transferred into Chelsea football club, and it already clear to see how well they can do. Cesc Fabregas has made a particularly impressive debut playing for the team. Costas has had some injuries, but it looks like he is ready to jump back in and give everything for the team’s success.

Chelsea seems set up to have a great year, and if they do it will be due to the great team and Jose Mourinho, who is continuing to be an imposing coach who gets the job done.

It remains to be seen if this year will outdo the last, but with the current Chelsea squad on the job, it’s very likely that this will be a successful season.

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